Welcome to the Women Entrepreneur Spotlight, where we explore the journey of Judy Mangini, the soul behind Judy Sings the Blues. Judy shares her dreams, from performing at USO events to collaborating with legendary figures like Prince and Ann Wilson. Beyond music, she reveals her identity as a retired realtor and “domestic goddess”; balancing art with daily life.

Despite motherhood and a real estate career, Judy’s passion for music never wavered. Her band, a harmonious ensemble, enriches her melodic visions with dedication and flair. Amidst industry challenges, Judy’s ascent on music charts underscores her talent and integrity.

Judy Sings the Blues | R2RB

The pandemic tested Judy’s resolve, but with support from fellow musicians, she persevered. Her music, embedded with narratives of resilience, resonates deeply with listeners. Through evocative album covers and relentless self-promotion, Judy charts her own course in the music industry, inspiring aspiring musicians worldwide.

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