R2RB is an online broadcasting network offering a variety of engaging programs for our listeners. Here you’ll find music, sports, wellness, lifestyle, and more.

Our DJs and Hosts have decades of experience and a wide range of talents and knowledge to keep you entertained. Each and every one of us is passionate about what we do.


For indie artists, DJs, podcasters, and talk show hosts that feels like a home. R2RB is a place where people feel welcomed, guided, and enthusiastic about getting involved.

As a talk show host or DJ resident with R2RB, you are a part of the family!

We love working with Indie artists and we have space for a few more talk show hosts and podcasters. If this could be you, reach out to us here:

R2RB Founder’s Note

A Letter From Ron & Debra
Debra LaMotta | Reel 2 Reel Broadcasting

Hello and Welcome!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the heart of our passion and creativity—Reel 2 Reel Broadcasting (R2RB), a journey that began with a shared vision and a love for music.

My name is Debra, and I embarked on this adventure after a stint as a talk show host on another network. The experience was invaluable, offering a diverse platform with various genres and DJs. It was during this time that I saw an opportunity to collaborate with Ron, a talented DJ with a lifelong connection to music. I suggested the idea of him joining the network to share his exceptional DJing skills, but fate had other plans. Undeterred, I proposed that we start our own network. Ron’s initial response? A nonchalant “Yeah, No.” I respected his decision but, to my surprise, he later approached me, asking if I was serious about launching our own network. I replied with a hesitant “maybe,” confident deep down that together, we could make it work.

And so, the journey to R2RB, nestled under our company name, R&D Media, began. R2RB is just the first chapter in our story, with more exciting entities on the horizon. Special thanks to Ron’s longtime friend, DJ Ronn Kay, for contributing to the creation of the name R2RB.

Now, let me pass the mic to Ron.

DJ Tall Ron | Reel 2 Reel Broadcasting

The decision to join a broadcast network was a thoughtful process for me. As a DJ for many years, the idea of reaching a broader audience was never on my radar. However, after extensive exploration of potential networks, I realized I could bring a unique flavor to their lineup. Unfortunately, plans fell through, leading me to seriously consider creating our own broadcast network. The allure of doing things our way, without comparison or competition, became increasingly attractive.

We are not just another network; we are Reel 2 Reel Broadcasting – a platform for those who ‘get it.’ Our goal is to provide a space for individuals to develop, express, and promote their talents without limitations. It has been an incredible journey, and we are excited about the growth and opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you for joining us on this odyssey. Together, let’s make waves and celebrate the diversity of talent that defines R2RB.


Debra & Ron
Founding Team, Reel 2 Reel Broadcasting (R2RB)