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Who are our DJs/Hosts. Let us introduce them to you: The Incredible DJ Tall Ron

I grew up in a household where both my parents listened to a variety of music from a range of different eras. Around 13 years old, kidding around with a couple of friends, we threw a mock party for our hangout group (of course we were the DJ's). Borrowing records I grew up listening to from my parent's collections proved to be the magic spark that would get me seriously moving in an entertainment direction. Although the journey wasn't an instant success, it would take me several years before emergence and acceptance. Throughout the years it has afforded me various opportunities, and involvement in ventures that teach invaluable lessons, skills and put me in the presence of incredible people (some famous and some not as famous). It is a long way from 13 and today brings me back to humble beginnings and back to the idea that I could be your DJ, Entertainer and Host.

The Incredible DJ Tall Ron

DJ Ronn Kay

Growing up I was one of those kids that liked comics. I started to collect almost every issue. That was something for me to spend my money on. Then realizing that there was other thing to do with my time.I started to collect vinyl it was same as going to a comic book store, but I needed something to play them on.We had a old record player that my mother used to listen her music. Hey why not get my own player. There were stores selling turntables so l bought one. Went to a block party seen where the guys was using two from there and I said I can do that. Sold collections to a store and started to put the tables on lay-away.My first party you can say was playing for my family with the records we had in the house.The rest was history. Crates and crates of vinyl. The Legendary DJ Ronn Kay


DJ Rober Ward Prime 1 Productions

I started out as a dancer. I breakdance and do popping in small group. When the recession hit in 2007, I didn’t have a job so I was getting music done for a dance performance at a DJ house in Philly. So, he asked me to be his driver. So, I made some money doing events with him and learning the business side of djing. After a few years, I asked him to teach me the music of djing. Took 3 classes with him and decided I could do this professionally. Started out buying some equipment and came up with a plan to leave my furniture moving job. In 2017, I left my full-time job to start my DJ company. That’s where my journey started.

Talk Show Host/Podcaster Deb LaMotta

I started my wedding officiant business 10+ years ago. I’ve recently moved to Delaware where I found myself redesigning my wedding website. While working on the wedding vendor page, I was talking to many women-owned wedding businesses and they were all sharing their story of how they got started and what the journey had been like for them. I decided that I wanted to share those stories and I started my Podcast Series, Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight. Soon after I started the Podcast Series, a friend of mine was DJing on an Online Radio Network and I got a bug to try my hand at sharing my podcast series on the radio and the rest is history.

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Christine De

The Coffee with Christine and Goose Show is everything you need to know about self-care. We are passionate about approaching life from the perspective of a duck. We chat with experts in the mental health and wellness fields, as well as diet, exercise, therapy, and more!