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Who are the DJs/Hosts? The Incredible DJ Tall Ron

I grew up in a household where both my parents listened to a variety of music from a range of different eras. Around 13 years old, kidding around with a couple of friends, we threw a mock party for our hangout group (of course we were the DJs). Borrowing records I grew up listening to from my parent's collections proved to be the magic spark that would get me seriously moving in an entertainment direction. Although the journey wasn't an instant success, it would take me several years before emergence and acceptance. Throughout the years it has afforded me various opportunities, and involvement in ventures that teach invaluable lessons, skills and put me in the presence of incredible people (some famous and some not as famous). It is a long way from 13 and today brings me back to humble beginnings and back to the idea that I could be your DJ, Entertainer and Host.

The Incredible DJ Tall Ron

DJ Ronn Kay

Growing up I was one of those kids that liked comics. I started to collect almost every issue. That was something for me to spend my money on. Then realizing that there were other things to do with my time, I started to collect vinyl. It was the same as going to a comic book store, but I needed something to play the vinyl on. We had an old record player that my mother used to listen to her music. Then I realized why not get my own player. There were stores selling turntables so l bought one. I went to a block party and saw where the guys were using two turn tables and I said I can do that. I sold my comic book collection and I put the turntables on layaway. My first party you can say was playing for my family with the records we had in the house and the rest was history which lead to crates and crates of vinyl.

The Legendary DJ Ronn Kay

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DJ Sista Love

Bernitha(Bernie) Lopez, better known by her entertainment name DJ Sista Love, is currently the disc jockey for private venues and clubs. She also currently streams live on Mixcloud and YouTube. Although she is now best known for underground house music, she plays a variety of genre. She credits much of her success to her appreciation and commitment of growing up as a musician. She played a variety of woodwind instruments, but her passion was the flute. DJ Sista Love grew up listening to and playing in the band and the orchestra. She credits her journey with how music stimulates her emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She combines all of that with her passion for dancing, to bring the love and joy of music to form what seems to perfectly mirror the wants and demands of her audience. DJ Sista Love’s brand is Love Is The Message and her goal is to spread love, joy and unity around the world.

DJ Sista Love


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Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, I used to always spot melodies and samples from songs since I had the ability to talk. This had my parents astonished on how I could name old songs like "Poppa was a rolling stone" when I only heard it once before.

I began experimenting with music technology shortly after I graduated from the graphic design program in Wall Communications High School. I started with the program Garage Band and continued to gain interest making myself proficient enough to want to attend Bloomfield College as a Creative Arts & Technology Major. I began to gain local exposure by attending industry events in New York and collaborating with many studios like Platinum Recording Studio and DFG. I also gained respect among colleagues through conducting free projects. When terms didn’t meet my standards financially in the music industry, I decided to expand my knowledge and experience by taking on Audio Visual Technician jobs. Throughout this experience, I would find myself doing many tasks from stagehand, to running cables, to hanging TVs, to soldering, and even welding steel.

Maturing from just a Music Producer/Audio Engineer, I now own my own Music Studio. Approaching every project with a calm and personable demeanor, I give artists of all genres stability by developing their projects with detailed idea exchanging. I am always looking to collaborate and form partnerships with others.


Jerard “JT” Tyler

Yo its ya boy JT founding member of FrndsvsFrnds. I fell in love with the orange sphere at an early age. Played the game of basketball at all different levels and still love the game till this day. When playing hoop came to an end for me I found a new passion of talking/debating about the game that played a big part in my life.

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Kyle Byrd

Kyle Byrd

My introduction to basketball and sneaker culture originated in the early 90s with the emergence of Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq was a juggernaut and I mimicked him constantly on my Nerf Hoop or outside on anything I could hang on. My aunt, a teenager when I was born, used to buy me a pair of sneakers everytime she bought some for herself. It didn't take long for me to make the connection between sports and footwear. 

As long as I've watched I have always talked trash, as joking and banter between friends tends to strengthen bonds between young men. I met my co-hosts early on in life and have always carried on conversations about all matters of life with them, although none more empassioned then when we talk about sports. Our shared love for the New York Knicks and our penchant for recreational disagreement lead me to join my friends in creating the Frnds vs Frnds Podcast. It is my pleasure to disagree with you! Thanks for listening!


Adan "StatMan" Farrah

Peace Peace, my name is Adan aka StatMan. You will hear me say "StatMan StatMan Yeah Thats Me" on the podcast that I co-host FrndsvsFrnds. Born & Raised in Jersey, I am a TRUE LOYAL Knick fan. I love basketball, and I loved the 90s and Early 2000s Knicks. Met my FrndsvsFrnds Co-Hosts in my college years. I am the FrndsvsFrnds Podcast human Encyclopedia for NBA History, Fun Facts and News & Rumors.  Love to debate and spit out NBA knowledge that no one expects me to know or articulate.  Battled Test and Battled Certified on the Mic.

Talk Show Host/Podcaster Deb LaMotta

I started my wedding officiant business 10+ years ago. I’ve recently moved to Delaware where I found myself redesigning my wedding website. While working on the wedding vendor page, I was talking to many women-owned wedding businesses and they were all sharing their story of how they got started and what the journey had been like for them. I decided that I wanted to share those stories and I started my Podcast Series, Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight. Soon after I started the Podcast Series, a friend of mine was DJing on an Online Radio Network and I got a bug to try my hand at sharing my podcast series on the radio and the rest is history.


DJ Cocomotion the Music Mixologist

DJ Cocomotion has been a DJ since 1990, while working as a host for the Saturday Night Dance Party on WYBC 94.3 she discovered Technic 1200 turntables and began to learn the fundamentals of mixing records and beat matching.

A short time later she earned a time slot on the Saturday Night Dance Party under the name DJ Diva G, the first female to have a mix show in the history of WYBC and the show would go on to be #1 in its time slot. After WYBC, DJ Diva G worked at a variety of small stations.

In 2015, after a brief hiatus and with a new name DJ Cocomotion the Music Mixologist began rocking the airwaves again on WESU 88.1 FM with a show called Strictly Off The Head, a freestyle mix of R&B, Old School & Hip Hop.

Christine De

The Coffee with Christine and Goose Show is everything you need to know about self-care. We are passionate about approaching life from the perspective of a duck. We chat with experts in the mental health and wellness fields, as well as diet, exercise, therapy, and more!

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